“Drawing on a lifetime of experience with movement education and creative drama, Dr. Jannita Complo provides educators with a disarmingly accessible resource for working with children to improve their Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. Well organized, richly abundant in activities_ from the most foundational movement exercised to increasingly complex prompts for creative dramatics- this jewel of a book offers teachers a wealth of ideas and guided activities for incorporating movement creative, expression, imagination, and self-expression into children’s learning. A vital addition to teaching toward wholeness of persons, especially during a period heavily focused on standardized test performance, this would be an excellent introduction to and experience with Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence within elementary teacher preparation programs.”

– Dr. Katherine Hamilton, IHM, Chair of the Education Department,
Marygrove College, Detroit, MI

“Dr. Complo”s Dramakinetics in the Classroom offers even more practical and imaginative pedagogoical tools for today’s learners. Static classrooms that lack movement and vitality will no longer motivate or satisfy students. This book provides a cornucopia of ideas and strategies clearly delineated and ready to use in various disciplines and grade levels.

In my Latin classroom, the How, Why, and When of Dramakinetics held an important place and easily accommodated developmental differences and learning styles, especially in middle school.

Dr. Complo emphasizes the “to do” aspects of creative movement and its educative importance. She has done all the wok for the teacher by including objectives, evaluation, challenging reinforcement, and guided activities. All that is left is implementing the materials in the classroom and experiencing the delight of the students as they are engaged in Dramakinetics.”

– Elisa Denja, retired instructor from Baker Demonstration School, Evanston, IL and
Northwestern Gifted Program, Evanston, IL

“Drawing upon her work in children’s drama of some fifty years, Dr. Complo has adapted her expertise to her field-tested Dramakinetics in the Classroom, Second Edition. This masterpiece is designed to bring new meaning and vitality to the lives of children by deepening their own self-awareness and raising their sense of self-esteem. Dr. Complo offers both solid theory and enormously helpful “how to” suggestions for planning exercises, group activities, improvisations, and scenarios for teachers needing an exciting, creative interaction in creative drama situations.”

– Georgianna Simon, CSJ, Professor Emeritus at Marygrove College

“Dramakinetics in the Classroom is filled with imaginative ideas for busy elementary teachers who want to incorporate creative movement into their classrooms. Additionally, children will find the activities fun to do while they’re learning. The design of this resource and the recommended activities will be assets in aligning curricula with the National Education Standards and with implementing differentiated instruction. Teachers will also discover that the book is compatible with Constructivism, and that it contains suggested book titles as well as lists of musical compositions to complement the movements. This definitely is a valuable volume that teachers will find it indispensable ¬— it’s a “must have” for teachers’ personal libraries.”

– Roxana Christopher, Ph.D

“Your book will be very widely received by preschool teachers, physical education teachers, and physical therapy instructors. Home schooled children will also welcome these exercises. The illustrations are magnificent! The children seem to jump right out of the page. Every educator ad paret will welcome your book. I certainly will use some of the exercises with my grandchildren. It is so wonderful to have children expressing themselves with such joy while exercising not only their bodies, but their imaginations as well.”

– Maria V. Moeller, teacher of the gifted in Madison, WI